Small to Medium Area Repair Technology

SMART stands for Small to Medium Area Repair Technology– it is a cost effective solution used to repair minor bodywork damage.

Using the latest in repair techniques to keep the repair area as small as possible, meaning we can keep the costs and labour time to a minimum, passing that saving on to you.

Damage to your bumper, mirror caps, headlights or anything plastic?


Whether it’s a crack, rip, tear, scaring or even a hole, we can repair this.


Our highly skilled technicians can repair plastic damage to your vehicle at a fraction of the cost of a complete replacement.  Using the latest Plastic REP Machine, a dedicated plastic welding facility we can successfully repair any type of damage to its original strength and integrity.  We can repair scuffs, scratches, gouges, dents and cracks.


Once complete the plastic can be retextured or colour coded to the original factory finish, leaving no evidence of the repair.


For high quality industrial painting services, speak to the Auto A.R.T team on 01626 365222 and one of our helpful and friendly team will arrange a FREE no obligation quotation, alternatively contact to request a quotation.

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    Damaged Bumpers?

    Bumpers scuffs are unsightly and not only damage the appearance of your vehicle, but can also affect its resale value.  Using SMART technology we are able to repair bumper scuffs, scraps, cracks or splits, without the need to remove and re-spray the entire bumper.


    It doesn’t matter whether you have a body-coloured bumper or if your damaged bumper is a textured finish, we can repair your bumper with SMART technology

    Headlamp / Headlight Refresh

    Many modern cars and vehicles have plastic headlamps and lights which can be damaged by the suns UV rays and weather conditions. This results in poor visibility and not as much light being output by your headlamps, it could also result in MOT failure, not to mention the overall look of the car if it has yellowing, foggy or cloudy headlamps.


    Auto Art can refurbish and refresh your headlamps, returning them to as good as new, without an expensive bill or the timely process of replacing the entire headlamp unit.


    Repairs involve using our “eco repairs system plastic REP” machine: A dedicated plastic welding facility that can successfully repair any type of plastic to its original strength and integrity.


    Once complete, the plastic can be retextured or colour coded to the original factory finish.

    If you would like some free no obligation advice, please call us on 01626 365222 or alternatively, complete the contact form and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

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    call auto art 01626 365222
    call auto art 01626 365222
    call auto art 01626 365222