Not the most exciting blog page……

Not the most exciting blog page……

So it turns out I’m not great at keeping this part of the page updated, 14 months since my one and only post…….


HOWEVER. We ARE great at repairing vehicles, which is exactly what we have been doing.



Whether it’s been insurance repairs, minor scuffs, full resprays and restorations, countless alloy wheel refurbs, even painting garage doors and power towers for boats; we’ve been very busy! We have also recruited 2 new apprentices who start their training at college this month, we’re looking forward to working with them towards their qualifications



We do manage to keep our facebook page fairly up to date, so if you’re on there and want to keep an eye on what we’re up to, head over to the Auto ART Devon facebook page. In the mean time, I will try and post here a little bit more……..


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