Alloy Wheel Repairs Refurbishment

Alloy Wheels add a huge impact to the look and style of your vehicle, but only if they are in good condition.

We specialise in Alloy Wheel Repairs and Refurbishment, and will take your damaged, scuffed or worn alloy wheels and bring them back to life to look as good as new!


Unfortunately, Alloy Wheels are prone to damage from kerb scratches caused when parking, or from stone chips.  You may also get a damaged alloy wheel in the form of a small crack, or even a buckle.

Our Alloy Wheel repair service is quick, with most damaged alloy wheels being repaired on the same day, significant damage such as a crack or buckles only takes a couple of days.


Pot holes and poorly finished roads can cause buckles or small cracks in the rim of your alloys. Auto Art use the latest technology and machinery, to repair small buckles and cracks during your alloy wheel refurbishment.


Alloy wheels that are damaging by kerb damage, scuffs and corrosion damaged alloy wheels are easily repaired.  Below is an overview of our Alloy Wheel repair and Refurbishment process.

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    What happens to your alloy wheels during the refurbishment process?

    Our step by step process, ensures all work is carried out to the highest standard, and to maintain the safety and value of your car.


    1) Securely position the vehicle on axel stands or a ramp within our unit and remove the wheels from the vehicle


    2)  Remove the tyre from the bead if the damage is kerbing only. If there is corrosion then we remove tyre completely and sandblast the alloy.


    3) We grind out any kerb marks and reshape the edge of the wheel. Metal filler is applied if the damage is excessive. Tig welds may be necessary to repair deep holes or gouges.


    4) The final prep work is carried out to ensure correct adhesion for the paint.


    5) The faces of the wheel are then painted and lacquered. The backs of the alloy are also painted if necessary, i.e. for a colour change or if the wheel has been blasted inside to remove corrosion.


    6) Before the wheels are fitted back onto the vehicle, final quality checks are carried out and the tyres are rebalanced.


    During each step of the refurbishment process, quality checks are carried out to ensure the safety, integrity and value of your car are maintained to the highest standard possible.

    We can even add some creativity to your alloy wheels, with custom alloy wheels you could have colour coded, dark, glitter or even glow in the dark alloy wheels if you desired. The customisation options are endless, have a chat with one our experienced technicians to discuss your design and customisation requests.

    If you would like some free no obligation advice, please call us on 01626 365222 or alternatively, complete the contact form and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

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